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Some of My Puppetry

My day job is teaching theatre arts and reading at the middle school level. Below are some examples of the kinds of puppetry my students engage in.

Hand Puppets

About 40 of the approximately 150 students I have each year learn to use a sewing machine to build their puppets. Others hand sew. A few use a glue gun.
For several years now, I have sent my brother a Star Wars puppet that I made as a birthday gift.

YouTube Video:

Rupert the Adventurer



Beginning in Fall 2023, I will begin incorporating marionette puppetry into my theatre program. Here are "Father" and "Jonas", two of the marionettes I have built.
I have YouTube videos with the style of marionettes my students will build. 

YouTube Videos:

Meh and Dreary: "The Proposal"

Meh and Dreary: "Pet the Pet"

How to Build a Marionette: The Making of Meh"


Shadow Puppetry

Shown here is a student example on one of the several practice theatres. Shadow worlds encourage imagination, and shadow puppetry has always been for me a project with high levels of student engagement.

Shadow Example.png
Puppetry: Press
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