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Biblical Evidence from Obadiah and Psalm 137 for an Edomite Treaty Betrayal of Judah in the Sixth Century B.C.E.


Focusing on Obadiah and Psalm 137, this article provides biblical evidence for an Edomite treaty betrayal of Judah during the Babylonian crisis ca. 588–586 B.C.E. Obadiah’s modifications of Jeremiah 49, a text with close thematic and terminological parallels, evidence an Edomite treaty betrayal of Judah. Moreover, the study shows that Obadiah is replete with treaty allusions. A study of Psalm 137 in comparison with Aramaic treaty texts from Sefire reveals that this difficult psalm also evidences a treaty betrayal by Edom and includes elements appropriate for treaty curses.

My research on the Kingdom of Edom during the Babylonian Crisis of 586 B.C.E. is now cited in over a dozen peer-reviewed publications in four languages around the world. It has become the go-to reconstruction of treaty relationships among Edom, Judah, and Babylon.


NIDB (50 Entries)


Written by 900 scholars from 40 nations and a variety of perspectives and diverse theological commitments, the 5-volume set is the definitive starting point for research on any topic, place or person in the Bible.

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Where Has Roger Williams' Seekerism Gone?

American Baptist Quarterly vol. 24

December 2005

The accuracy of two 17th century heresiographers’ identifications of Roger Williams as a Seeker has come into question in recent years.  A reassessment of the primary sources, the 17th century sect, and its adherents’ worldview, however, suggest that Williams might be improperly disassociated from Seekerism.

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